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      “Siam Kito” wishes to be part of the driving force in the Thai economy.With a lot of international establishments  in Thailand, almost all of them have recognized material handing equipment under the brand of  “Kito”  and applied to their production process that requires quality, durability and loss reduction  in  their  production lines.  Most important of all is our responsive services. Siam Kito understands our clients and is committed to delivering quality products through our efficient logistics.    


                                                                                                                                     Mr.Burasade  Silaaphiwon
                                                                                                                                          President SIAMKITO

Corporate Mission

KITO’s Mission : Deliver Unmatched Satisfaction to Our Customers
KITO is committed to enhancing custumers’s safety and productivity at customers’ operations by providing products and services with innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology. KITO always user our customers’ perpective to design and bring innovative solutions to the material handing industry. KITO value the “Trust from our customers” as our frist priority. KITO stives for our success based on this mission and belives it leads to the happiness of KITO team members and prosperity for our stakeholders.
KITO’s Quality : Our Driving “Spirit” is “Quality”
KITO belives the “Quality” of our products and services is the most important value of the company. KITO is committed to the highest quality in safety, ease of use satisfaction to the customer needs, and environmental adaptation. KITO never sacrifices its quality for cost constraint, but provides it through our technology and innovation.
KITO delivers our highest “Quality” to our customers through the shared spirit of each KITO team member : “Everything is for our customer value”


1. We’ll have the highest market share of  electric chain hoists 
    in Thailand.
2. We want to meet every single customer demand.
3. We’ll enhance product quality to meet  higher quality standards.
4. Integrity and high-test level of customer  satisfaction.
5. Attentive services to ensure customer  confidence.
6. Aim to achieve “For the Global  Next Stage” with the 
    mother company’s goals


Chonburi  (Head Office)
205 M.2 T.Khlong Tamru, A.Muang Chonburi, Chonburi 20000 hailand
Tel. 66 (0) 3819-5711
Fax : 66 (0) 3819-5715
E-mail : sale@siamkito.co.th

19 / 113 M.4 T.Kanham, A. U-Thai, Ayutthaya 13210 Thailand 
Tel. 66 (0) 3522-7892, 66 (0) 3574-5611 to 13  Fax: 66 (0) 3522-7893
E-mail : ayutthaya@siamkito.co.th

7 / 382 M.6 , Amatacity Industrial Estate T.Mabyangporn, 
A.Pluakdaeng, Rayong 21140 Thailand 
Tel. 66(0) 3802-7444 to 7    Fax: 66 (0) 3802-7448


We will meet maximal customer satisfaction as a specialized provider of quality and state of the art products at international standards though our dynamic people.


Siam Kito Co.,Ltd.is committed to producing quality material handling equipment for industrial piants with an aim to meet every customer need and industry. We will keep our clients satisfied with our modern technology.qulity products and respondsive services.

VALUE OF KITO PEOPLE : Honestr, Pride and Gratitude

KITO people always act with intergrity and honesty. KITO has price in our business and in out behavior, and are always grateful to everyone and everything around us


1997 - 2007
Established : Aug,1997
Office : Jewellery Centre Bldg.Bangkok
Factory : T.Bangohakong.Samutprakarn
2008 - Present
Jan,2008 : Amatanakorn Industrial Estate,Chonburi
June,2013 : Amatacity Industrial Estate,Rayong

KITO ' s Organization

        KITO strives to be a community of diverse people and divers cultures, working in effective harmony with one another in an open and positive atmosphere. We all work hard and collaborate with passion as one team to deliver real value to our customer. KITO highly regards and rewards those individuals who are committed to our customers’ value.


1. Director - Mr.Mamoru  Horiuchi
2. President - Mr.Burasade  Silaaaphiwon

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